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To be a scholar of mathematics you must be born with talent, insight, concentration, taste, luck, drive and the ability to visualize and guess.  ...Paul Halmos


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Perplexing Problems - probles for each month
Aims Puzzles - a new one each moth with great archive of past challenges
Plane Math - math and aeronautics combined
20th Century Problem Solving - fun with algebra
Hot list: Mathematics - links galore
Brain Tricks - the puzzle of the week will keep you coming back
The Fruit Game  Learn the pattern and win.
Math Forum: Math Tips Tricks - a little help never hurt
Fibonacci Numbers and Nature - interesting
Mathematics - select your problem level here
Math Problems for Kids - carefully selected problems by grade level which can help you improve your problem solving skills
The Grey Labyrinth - puzzles to stimulate the brain
Interactive Mathematics - 36 Games and Puzzles - check the rest of the site too for even more fun
The Brain and Behavior - great interactive learning
Imagiware's Game Zone - interactive challenges
Mathematics Lessons - You are sure to learn here and have fun too.
On-line Board Games - many from which to choose
Basket math Interactive -great review
Mankala - Use strategy as you play. Follow the directions. - all kinds of brain stretchers
Number Puzzles - like crosswords with just numbers
Ohio Math Works - Learn how math is used in theme parks, fashion, weather, newspapers, and more and do some activities too.

Tessellation Fun

Math Forum - Tessellations - fun with an artistic topic
Escher - examples of his work
Tour: M.C. Escher -- Life and Work - 80 examples from the National Gallery
Tessellations - neat examples to inspire


The Geometry Junk yard: Topics - hyper links to everything geometric
Perimeter and Area of Polygons - good explanation and examples
Circumference and Area of a Circle - makes it easy
The Geometry Center Welcome Page - interesting and something for the advanced too
Geometry Forum - some of the best math pages come from Swarthmore
Geometry Problem of the Week - some are really tough
Geometry Formulas and Facts - good place for the basics
Fractals - a unit with great sources
U-Draw Fractals - You can create your own fractal by a simple input of random numbers and functions.
The Geometry Center - interact with 3-D models
Geometric Dissections - A geometric dissection is a cutting of one or more figures into pieces that can be rearranged to form other figures
The Four Color Theorem - a brief summary of a new proof
Suzanne's Mathematics Lessons - so many good ideas

Miscellaneous Math

Web Math - solves all kinds of problems with step by step solutions
Fractions - simple, compound, and more are all explained with examples
Curious and Useful Math - no tricks, just math made easy
Convert Repeating Decimals to Fractions - easy once you know how to do it
Number Theory - seven great lessons to make it easy
Integers - nine lessons to help you
Integers, Rational & Irrational Numbers - easy-to-understand explanation with examples
Signed Numbers - great learning module
Order of Operations - another way to explain with examples
A Perfect Number Journey - Lessons on number patterns and properties of numbers
Probability - lots of interactive lessons make this easy
Exploring Probability - It is hard not to learn with this fun site.
Distributions - virutal coin and die toss experiments
Square Roots without a Calculator - You can do it!
Magic Squares, Magic Stars... - great site about patterns
Decimal and Binary Equivalence - just slide the bar to find the equivalent for numbers to decimal 250
Binary Magic - This is a great game. Can you figure it out?
World of Mathematics - Encyclopedic in scope
Fibonacci Numbers and Nature - simplifies the concept with great examples and activities
Cool Math - lots of information and links
This Is Mega-Mathematics! - loads of things to do here
This Is Mega-Mathematics also - don't get confused
Explorer Home Page - university sites like this are varied and large
Common Equivalent Weights and Measures - great reference
Measurement Units Translation - help is here
Measurements Converter - change any of them
Math Games - make simple games for just fun learning
Dictionary of Units of Measurement - very comprehensive
Harcourt Brace Math Glossary - defines all those important basic terms
Hall of Great Mathematicians - alphabetized
Biographies of Women Mathematicians There are lots.
Mathematicians - a who was who guide
The History of Mathematics - interesting to look back

Algebra Help

A Brief History of Algebra and Computing - a basic introduction
Web Math - covers many topics
Introduction to Algebra - an explanation of many of the algorithms to do with beginning algebra topics
Math Library - Algebra - links to many sites on lots of topics
Quick Math - Think of it as an online calculator.
SOS Mathematics - several dozen topics are covered
Matrix Algebra - covers the topic well
Math Refresher - The basics are covered here.
Generate Algebra Worksheets - and get answers too if you wish
Ask Dr. Math - see what others have asked on algebra topics in the archives first
The Largest Known Primes - of varying types
Equality Sisters - introduction to linear equations
Fibonacci Numbers and Golden Section in Nature - lots of information and visuals plus some investigations
Graphs, Stories, and Games - although it is for teachers, anyone would find it interesting
Graph Theory - goes into detail with examples
Dave's Math Tables - there are so many...
Mathematical Tables and Formulas - a good reference source
Twentieth Century Problem Solving - A modern approach to reliable problem solving across the curriculum.
Real World Mathematics - links to all kinds of problem opportunities

For easier information, visit  4th and 5th Grade Student Research Resources